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GenZ Social Media Campaign Management

At Adolescent Content we do social. We do connected. We do real. If your brand gives off any hint of phony, we scroll on past.

At Adolescent Content, we are a Black and female-founded global Gen Z media company led by youth for youth. We have partnered with some of the world’s largest brands to help them effectively reach Gen Z. Because it isn’t all that mysterious. It’s just very different from traditional marketing.

Having a hard time connecting with GenZ? You may need a social media audit.

Connection and Social Media

How does your brand reach a generation that is easily distracted and doesn’t trust most traditional marketing? You come to Adolescent to create strategy, engaging content and manage social media channels in order to generate meaningful and lasting relationships with GenZ.

We’re not paying attention to your TV commercials or print media. We’re pretty oblivious to your online marketing campaigns. If that’s where you’re focusing your marketing attention, you’re missing us.

It’s not about one and done with youth. There’s an avalanche of content out there competing for our attention. You need to have an always-on strategy of great content that keeps our attention and we are here to help you do this.

Why Does Your Brand Need Social Media?

If you want to get our attention, you need to speak to us where we live, and that’s on social media. Social commerce is how we buy, with nearly 97% of us using social media as our primary source of inspiration. If you’re only focusing on polished marketing campaigns, you’re not getting our attention or our dollars.

What do we want? We want brands that get us, that care, that know how to connect with us socially, make us laugh, make us care and give us a seamless, safe, and reliable way to make purchases.

What We Want From Your Social Media

We have an elevated set of expectations from the brands we use. We not only need to trust your message and believe in your product, we need to believe that you have a greater purpose on this planet. Not much to ask, as far as we’re concerned.

There are some very simple basics when it comes to social media messages for Gen Z.

  • Your brand has to be trustworthy. Gen Z wants to know what your brand really stands for, which means more than just making a profit. A myopic focus on capitalism? Not so much for us.

  • Your brand has to speak our language, not just fake it. (Hint: we know.)

  • Your brand has to be authentic and truthful.

  • Your brand’s message can’t just be reconfigured across platforms. Brands need to take the time and effort to customize their social media for the platform.

  • We listen to influencers, but they need to be relevant to us. They’re the bridge between your brand and our wallets.

  • We’re a diverse bunch, and one message doesn’t always fit all. Decide who you are, who you’re speaking to, and focus your message.

Whether you’re building a social media presence on YouTube, TikTok, or any other platform, your authentic voice and big picture need to stand out. Sprinkle in some fun, and you’ve got our attention. Brand loyalty? You’ve got to earn that every day.

Social Speak

Social media is about building authentic community, and there’s nothing more inauthentic than having an old-school corporate marketing team running your social media campaigns. When you want to connect with Gen Z, you need to speak our language, you need us speaking to our peers. Social media is a hard place to fake it without giving off cringey vibes.

At Adolescent Content, we are Gen Z. We speak fluent social media. We know where Gen Z hangs out, who we’re paying attention to, and what screams “old marketing people.”

Our social media team is here to help you with your messaging and voice. We are here to define the look to your brand’s social media profile and strategies. We create strategy, executions and then scale up to help make great social media campaigns that capture our attention. Gen Z is constantly moving and changing habits, so we use analytics to let us know what’s working and what’s not.

Gen Z has the financial power that is completely changing the face of the marketplace. Don’t be left behind with old-fashioned marketing strategies. At Adolescent Content, our social media insight and campaigns will let you tap into the single most important media content for reaching Gen Z – social media. Let our team help you harness the power of Gen Z.