Think Tank Ideation
Think Tank Ideation for GenZ Trends

With GenZ trends are developing and popping up by the second how does your brand jump into the ocean of trends and use them to effectively reach GenZ? Work with Adolescent’s Think Tanks. Made up of a handful or hundreds of youth, our think tanks are a modern version of a focus group. Instead of just answering questions, our think tank will ideate and come up with amazing solutions.

See if the latest trend is really catching on with youth that matter to you or find out if they’ve created a trend that you can discover and build on. No matter how much you test in the lab, things change when products meet real life. Capture people’s first moments with your product. The nuance of the brand, shopping, customer journey is hard to capture in an interview. With Adolescent, you can see the real journey people go on to buy your product or service, as they take it. Discover and document how customers interact with your brand or product in the real world. Build plans that recognize the flexible, nonlinear ways that customers make choices today.

Brainstorm along with our Creators by using Youth Tellers Think Tank to develop ideas in the real environments of their lives– far from the contrived setting of a focus group facility.

Our think tanks can be made up of 4 or 400 young people. Harness our youth collaboratively to help you get quick creative answers to your questions and develop solutions that drive your business forward.

Sometimes, it takes a village. Especially when it comes to Gen Z. We are a diverse bunch, and we have our own unique take on the world. If you are out there trying to connect with us, you may need some help. That’s where we come in.

At Adolescent Content, we are a Gen Z media company run by Gen Z for Gen Z. We were founded in 2013 to help create pathways for Gen Z, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ creatives from around the world. Since then, we have gone on to launch our consultancy and ad agency talents to offer marketing and advertising strategies to brands that need to connect to our powerful tribe. We now tap from a global network of Gen Z creatives who help keep brands real, relevant, and connected to the things that matter most to Gen Z.

Taking a Think Tank Perspective

Bringing together a few people or dozens, we can harness and create a hive mind to creative problem-solving. Our global Think Tanks have worked with brands to help them develop creative executions, new product features, new products and new ways of reaching their audience

At Adolescent Content, we believe in an inclusive, authentic culture of innovation and creativity. Our research team, creators, and respondents of over 50,000 Gen Z youth span the globe to gain insight and create connections that matter to us as a generation. We conduct customized research to offer brands meaningful information about Gen Z and their reactions, and then we help design campaigns that reflect that.

Understanding the Issues That Matter

With our team of Gen Z Youth Tellers, you gain insight into

  • What trends matter to Gen Z and how your brand can build on them

  • How Gen Z makes decisions to buy a product

  • The buying journey of Gen Z and how it translates to your product

  • How Gen Z interacts with your product

  • How to use creative advertising approaches to reach Gen Z

Sometimes we might be focused on problem-solving. Other times we can offer information to help you make important decisions about your next move. No matter what we offer, you are getting real Gen Z insight and not the stodgy traditional marketing industry’s take on it.

Gen Z wants products and content that reflects who we are and what we care about. At Adolescent Content, we offer the talented think tank ideation of our global team of Gen Z creatives and respondents who can provide critical insight into what makes us tick and how brands can connect in a meaningful way.