Top 5 Generation Z Most Trusted Brands

December 30, 2020

By Modesty Sanchez

Attracting Gen Z to your business is no easy feat––people are no longer interested in flashy, loud billboards or catchy jingles. They’d rather learn how a product is made, how environmentally friendly it is, and how well it promotes diversity and social justice ideals. The following five brands have espoused these values, and as a result, have emerged as Gen Z’s favorite brands.

1. Glossier

With its affordable makeup and adorable packaging, Glossier is one of the most popular products consumed by Gen Z. Each order arrives in a pink bag filled with cute stickers so it feels like a customer receives free items with their purchase. Glossier also highly regards the issue of diversity and representation: each campaign features a variety of skin tones, body sizes, and facial features. Glossier also has an extremely accessible ambassador program: anyone who purchases Glossier products can apply to receive a link their friends can use to save money on makeup. This means that anyone––not just models––can endorse Glossier, which really takes the notion of inclusivity to another level.

2. Patagonia

For years, Patagonia’s fleece jackets and comfy sweaters have been a staple in the winter months because of how warm and fashionable they are. To make things better, Patagonia has consistently campaigned against global warming and released clothing with a political slant. This year, some of the tags on their clothes said “VOTE,” which went a long way with socially aware members of Gen Z.

3. Fenty Beauty

Though Gen Z gives Rihanna a hard time prioritizing her business over her singing career, they still love her products because of how inclusive and affordable they are. Rihanna has redefined what it means to be diverse, offering hundreds of different shades and sizes of her makeup products and lingerie items. Not only that, but her Savage X Fenty show featured the most diverse group of models in a fashion show, effectively kicking Victoria’s Secret off of Gen Z’s radar forever. With a beloved celebrity like Rihanna at the helm of such a diverse company, the Fenty brand is Gen Z’s dream.

4. Goodwill

Goodwill is probably the most recognizable thrift store in the U.S. and has become increasingly frequented by Gen Z as they seek to reduce their carbon footprint. Gen-Z thrifters have prided themselves on their secondhand shopping savviness, often making YouTube videos or TikToks about their “thrifting hauls.” Thrifting is one of the most popular trends among Gen Z right now, which means Goodwill will continue to be a favorite among them.

5. Animal Crossing

Thanks to Gen Z’s perennial boredom during quarantine, Animal Crossing (yes, the Nintendo game from the early 2000s) made a major comeback. This lighthearted game has enthralled members of Gen Z around the country as they build villages, make friends, and marvel at the cuteness of Isabel. It’s also a fun way for Gen Z to live out their own digital cottagecore dreams, with pretty landscapes and cute animals; of course, Tom Nook is always there to ruin the day, but even that adds to the game’s charm. As brands (and a presidential candidate) scramble to partner with the game, it’s clear Animal Crossing is one of the most influential brands among Gen Z today.

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