Top 5 Generation Z Social Media Platforms

October 28, 2020

By Irine Le

For many Generation-Z members, social media has had a considerable presence in their adolescent years. With the rise of the iPhone and other smartphones in the late 2000s, social media has radically grown and evolved. Here are five different social media apps that are very popular amongst this cohort of digital natives.

1. TikTok

This popular video-sharing app has grown exponentially in the year 2020 and now has over 500 million active users across the globe. TikTok is known for being very popular with Generation Z, specifically teenagers. TikTok’s versatility allows many Gen-Zers to connect with friends in a number of different ways, from fun dances to remixes of hit songs to doing “challenges.” Many brands and companies that are popular with Gen Z like Fenty Beauty, Chipotle, and Netflix are on TikTok and regularly create videos that allow users to see and learn more about them.

2. Instagram

The famed photo-sharing app has been popular with Generation Z for almost a decade now, but its continued success and popularity make it no secret that it’s a Generation-Z favorite. Instagram makes it easy and fun to share pictures and memories with friends—especially with their endless amount of fun face filters. Instagram’s Stories tool is one of its most powerful features, allowing its users to stay connected with friends, learn more about news, and more.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a long-standing favorite social media app for Generation-Z members for many reasons. Though Twitter only allows 280 characters for tweets, there’s no limit to how Gen-Zers have used this app. Many companies have turned to Twitter as a way to expand their marketing and outreach, through sharing opportunities and events associated with their business to their followers. From entertaining memes and videos, to snarky and hilarious life updates, to sharing important news updates, Twitter’s functions are limitless.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat has always been one of the best ways for Gen-Zers to stay in touch with friends. Snapchat’s features—like its 10-second photo messages, fun filters, and story updates—have made it very efficient and quick for Gen-Z users to stay updated on the world around them.

5. YouTube

Many Gen-Z members have grown up watching YouTube. The site’s popularity is still on the rise, with many celebrities and influencers flocking to YouTube to create and share more video content with their fans. YouTube’s simple video-sharing features make it easy for anyone to create fun vlogs or other videos that showcase whatever they’re passionate about.