Top 5 new apps among Gen Z

August 28, 2021

By Katherine Williams

As a generation of digital natives, Gen Zers are no strangers to the extensive list of apps available today. From social media to games to news, there are apps for every young person’s interests. But Gen Z is also a discerning group, paying close attention to which apps are worth the hype and which will fade. Knowing which apps Gen Z loves using is key to connecting with this powerful demographic, whether that be through advertising or engaging with these platforms to better understand what is always going on in the Gen-Z world. After all, Gen Z is becoming one of the most powerful consumer groups on mobile devices, as 98 percent own a smartphone and have an estimated annual spending power of $143 billion. With that in mind, here are the top five new apps among Gen Z to watch.

  • One of the most popular apps on the market today, TikTok has taken over the world of content creation and social media. Gen Z loves the short-form, user-driven interface of TikTok, and the app’s sophisticated algorithm allows niche micro-communities to form and spread quite easily. Over half of Gen Z reports using TikTok, and nine out of ten users report scrolling through the app at least once a day.​​ This makes it the perfect place to share branded content, connect with influencers, and reach the Gen-Z market.

  • Twitch rose to fame as a video-streaming and content-creation app, and quickly turned into a hub for Gen-Z gamers. Over 60% of Twitch users report being between the 13-24 age demographic, and the regular viewer on Twitch spends 90 minutes a day on the platform. Twitch is popular for its reputation as interactive and authentic, two key values to Gen-Z users.

  • Geneva is a new messaging app for groups, offering users the opportunity to create different “homes” with chat, video, and event functions. Gen Z loves to digitize the interactions that traditionally happen offline, making Geneva the ideal platform for Gen Z to establish interest groups and small internet communities.

  • As a thrifty and financially-focused generation, Gen Z has started turning to Wish, an online shopping and product organization platform, for their purchasing decisions. The strongest Gen-Z shopping app across several continents, Wish is popular among Gen Z because “many aren't in the workforce yet and may be willing to deal with longer delivery times in exchange for discounts,” according to an INSIDER report.

  • Though it may not be the most recently created app available, Snapchat reigns supreme as the top social media app among Gen Z and Gen Alpha alike. Direct communication, as well as interactive filters and media, make Snapchat a long-standing favorite among Gen Z.

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