Top 5 Ways to Support Black Talent

August 28, 2020

By Haley Chung

It’s no secret that Black, Indigenous, and people of color have been historically barred from many disciplines such as film, music, and fashion. In order to break down some of these barriers and bring more diverse voices to the forefront, here are a few ways to support Black talent. 

1. Hire Black talent. 

The first and most obvious way to support Black talent is to hire Black talent. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, white applicants receive on average 36% more callbacks than Black applicants with identical resumes. There are times when hiring Black talent may even be necessary. For example, when a white photographer shot Simone Biles for the cover of Vogue, the publication was criticized for hiring a white photographer who clearly didn’t know how to photograph Black models in a flattering way. 

2. Follow Black talent on social media platforms.

A great way to discover new talent is through social media, such as Instagram and TikTok. Make an active effort to support BIPOC creators on these platforms, either by following, commenting, or even sharing their content! Not sure where to look? Try searching hashtags like #blackcreatives or #blackgirlmagic.

3. Support Black brands.

Thinking of buying something from a major retailer like Amazon? Think again. Supporting Black brands and shopping Black-owned businesses is a great way of supporting Black talent. Shop Black Owned has a list of Black-owned businesses in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, while The Black Owned Directory is like a search engine of sorts that allows you to search nearby Black-owned businesses by product! Many news outlets like Vogue and Buzzfeed also have lists of Black brands to support. 

4. Watch movies with Black casts and crew. 

According to a UCLA Hollywood Diversity report, Black actors only made up 9% of all film roles in Hollywood (as opposed to 77% white actors). Historically, Black filmmakers and actors have been excluded from Hollywood due to various racist reasonings. Diversity in popular media is vital for dismantling stereotypes, so support movies and TV shows with Black artists!

5. Donate to nonprofits that support Black youth.  

Another great way to support Black talent is to invest in youth. For example, a nonprofit called Black Girls Code focuses on bringing STEM and other technology education to young Black girls. Donating to these nonprofits is a great way to increase resources for Black youth and increase the diversity of future workplaces.

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