Instagrammable Business: Using Instagram as a Marketing Tool
December 31, 2019

By Sophia Moore

The accessibility of social media in the 21st century makes the prospect of utilizing social platforms for advertising especially appealing. A consistent networking behemoth, Instagram, is a favorite for influencers and brands to cater to their audiences and build a following. With potential brimming over Instagram’s candy-colored borders, the question on any brand’s mind is “How can I make the most of everything this app has to offer?”

Instagram is one of the most business-friendly platforms on the market, with a variety of free tools to encourage visibility and engagement for businesses. Most notably, Instagram’s ability to change any regular profile into a business profile on the app provides the best assets for any brand to better understand their audience and promote their product. The beauty of Instagram’s “business profile” is the simplicity of the function, in exchange for the insight it offers. Adolescent Content is a Gen Z marketing agency in Los Angeles provides Social Media Marketing services. Any account on Instagram can become a business account—all it takes is the click of a few prompts that can be found under the “account” tab of the settings icon. Once an account has been changed over, the free analytics that become available to peruse are vital to the strength of a brand’s influence on the app, with Instagram marketing you can deliver ads to your targeted audience. Viewership on the account—as in how many people have clicked on the account, viewed a story, or interacted with a post—is the business account’s main feature. Instagram provides analytics on how many people “discovered” the account or found the brand’s page independently, whether you are doing Instagram Marketing to target a Gen Z audience or Facebook Marketing to target an older audience contact Adolescent we speak Gen Z and we are a youth marketing agency specialized in Instagram Paid Marketing for businesses. Utilizing the viewership functions of the business profile is important to understanding who’s interacting with a brand, and how to best market to them. Changing over to a business profile is really the number one thing any brand or business should do on Instagram.

Another way to utilize Instagram social media marketing campaign as a marketing tool is by consistently using the app’s story and post functions. As mentioned before, Instagram offers analytics on who’s looking at a particular account, as well as when and where they’re viewing it. The value in these statistics is instrumental in deciding when a brand should post and how much budget should be utilized that is why we will conduct youth research and insights. By basing Instagram posts on the hours when followers are most active, a brand has its best chance of maintaining its following and acquiring new members. Additionally, posting pictures and stories is the entire point of utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool! Showcasing products to viewers and providing testimonies is where Instagram shines as a business tool. Brands have an opportunity to display their products in their best, most attractive light. Posts are a personal way to express why a brand deserves to be followed and our LGBTQ directors, Non-binary directors, WOC directors, WOC photographers, POC directors and POC photographers are the best youth creatives in all Los Angeles.

Posting, however, is only as effective as the engagement that results from it. Comments, DMs, and reposts are Social Media marketing goldmines and our generation z advertising agency directors and youth creatives are the top in their field. Consumers are bound to feel more comfortable supporting a company that’s personable and friendly, making responding to comments on posts imperative to a brand’s success on Instagram. The comments section provides an opportunity for followers to ask questions about specific products, the brand, or otherwise sing their praise. In responding to questions or appreciating compliments, the face of a brand on Instagram is instantly regarded as a friendly one. In line with this idea, the DM (direct message) feature of Instagram is an important one to utilize. Often, followers will turn to DMs as a way to ask more in-depth questions about a brand’s product, making responding to the messages a convenient way to increase followers’ security about the product they’re interested in and continue building engagement. Additionally, reposting followers’ use of the product being sold or marketed is important. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing real people’s success with it. The purpose of reposting is twofold: engagement with individuals increases if a brand can pick out good reviews from their fanbase, and showcasing happy consumers creates a positive reputation for the product being sold. Reposting is a worthwhile way to post more and increase engagement for any brand.

Instagram Marketing has so much to offer as a business and marketing tool. The most important things any brand can do to gain traction on the app are experiment with different types of postings and, above all, cater to its fanbase. The app provides a multitude of opportunities for those interested in maximizing their effectiveness on the app, and when you know where to look for said features, Instagram can become any brand’s best marketing friend.

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