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Types of Brand Content That Adolescent Makes

December 01, 2022

Consumers are different now than ever before. We believe in our self-worth. We demand quality like our parents never expected. We demand brands to respond to and respect us.

Most of all, we don’t fall for the same marketing tricks past generations are accustomed to. We want truth, authenticity, meaning, and connection in our brand content. We also want it to be fun and entertaining.

Adolescent brings a new group of authentic storytellers to the table for brands to connect with Gen Z. We represent all types of voices and lifestyles to connect with a wide Gen Z audience, including young LGBTQ+ and BIPOC consumers.

A different approach to content

Gen Z is distractible and will walk away if we don’t feel the right connection. We’ll move on to the next brand that wants to build relationships with our generation. If you hook us, we’ll be loyal. We crave true connections with caring and quality brands. But you don’t have long to get our attention - your content needs to work fast.

Your brand needs captivating video-first content covering things we care about in an entertaining way. Videos should be fun but not waste our time - there is a lot to see out there, and we’ll weed out content that lacks substance.

Adolescent creates content that inspires and ignites Gen Z. We work across the world so we can bring fresh insight about what content will work for your brand’s goals.

We can create anything from a quick TikTok to a highly strategized and complete marketing campaign. Videos can have a more personal quality or be highly produced. The possibilities are endless.

We use young photographers and directors who know what we want in content. We know how to connect with Gen Z audiences of all races, sexual orientations, religions, cultures, religions, and more.

Our videos and photos tell authentic stories, and it is:

  • Interactive

  • Value-driven

  • Diverse

  • Visual

  • Fast-moving

  • Socially engaging

  • Funny and entertaining

  • Responsive to our generation

Storytelling that makes connections

The content from Adolescent recognizes the power of Gen Z consumers. We have both the vision and the resources to create content that attracts our own.

Many brands don’t get exactly what Gen Z wants, but we do. We bring the Gen Z perspective to the table, no matter what kind of content you’re looking for.

If you want Gen Z to care about your message, you need to tell them in the right way. If your brand needs a talented young storyteller who can create meaningful content, talk to us. We are a diverse and authentic team that believes in the power of Gen Z and helps brands harness it.

Many brands are shocked at what a difference the right content can make when targeted properly at Gen Z. The wrong content can also break a brand’s reputation and success.

Don’t risk it. Talk to the Gen Z experts at Adolescent Content.