Which Generation Shops Online the Most?

August 28, 2020

By Haley Chung

The internet has taken over the world in a windstorm, and our habits now compared to twenty, ten, or even five years ago have changed drastically. As companies like eBay and Amazon proliferated, anything from secondhand clothing to grocery shopping were brought to our screens. Nasdaq estimates that consumers will make 95% of purchases online by 2040, while Oberlo states that there are 2.05 billion online shoppers in 2020. But which generation shops online the most? 

According to Epsilon’s research report on cross-generational marketing, Generation Z is two times more likely to use an online-only store than any other generation, and accounts for the most average annual transactions. They’re followed quickly by millennials who spend $322.5 billion annually and are the only generation group who doesn’t prefer shopping in person. 

So what does this mean from a marketing standpoint? How can a brand stand out when the choices are no longer limited to the confines of a mall but rather the vast internet where there are thousands of similar options? 

According to Business 2 Community, millennials’ purchasing decisions are strongly influenced by social media and particularly trust brands on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. 30% of millennials purchase directly from Facebook, while 31% of respondents also noted that they’ve decided to purchase a product based on social media but completed the transaction elsewhere. Most importantly, 61% of millennial consumers say that they trust a friend’s endorsement the most, meaning product posts on social media hold great power in terms of marketing. 

Gen Z is similar in that they lean toward testimonials from friends or influencers. They have less trust in traditional advertisements than other generations do, and prefer to see the product for themselves through photos and videos on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. In the sphere of online shopping, trust in a brand is crucial—is the website safe and reliable to use? Is the sizing accurate? Will the product come exactly as advertised? These are all questions to consider when shopping online, which aren’t necessary when shopping in person.

In other words, Gen Z and millennials are a huge market for online shopping and rely heavily on social media and peer testimonials to make purchasing decisions. Adolescent Content, a global marketing agency run by Gen Z for Gen Z, can help tailor your marketing strategies to attract your target consumers. Check out our website to get started!

Generation Z Online Shopping

The online shopping landscape for Generation Z has fundamentally changed in the last couple of years, due to the rise of social media and the focus on more sustainable fashion choices.

In recent years, Generation Z online shopping is ranging in age from teens to young adults in their 20s, has started to denounce the fast-fashion industry due to its harmful environmental implications. In 2019, Forbes found that 62% of Gen-Zers who were entering the workforce that year preferred to shop from sustainable brands.

There are many factors that affect how Gen Z has approached online shopping in recent years. Ranging from efforts to be more sustainable, to different ways brands market themselves on social media, it’s no secret that Generation Z is an ethically-focused and progressive cohort that stays on top of trends online. Start targeting your

Adolescent Content, a global marketing agency run by Gen Z for Gen Z, can help tailor your marketing strategies to attract your target consumers.