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Why are TikTok Sponsored Ads Important?

January 01, 2023

In recent years, TikTok had more visitors than Facebook or even Google online. So why isn’t every brand rushing to place sponsored ads on TikTok? It seems like a no-brainer, but companies hesitate to put ads on the platform.

Maybe you don’t use TikTok yourself or don’t know how to start a TikTok ad campaign. But by ignoring the platform, you are losing out on a Gen Z audience that has major influence and purchasing power that is only growing by the minute!

Here are only some reasons why brands simply can’t ignore TikTok’s power when it comes to ads.

TikTok’s popularity and diversity

In the past couple of years, more than 2 billion people downloaded the TikTok app on their phones, making it the #1 app download. Many companies think that TikTok is just a bunch of teenagers dancing, but in real life, over half of TikTok users are 25 or older.

The app has almost 700 million active users who span all races, genders, sexual orientations, and more. With such a diverse audience spending hours a day scrolling through TikTok, it’s a no-brainer that brands should be advertising and engaging in this way.

It’s easy and affordable

Some brands might avoid TikTok because they have no idea where to start! The truth is that it’s easy to advertise on TikTok, and anyone with a TikTok app can do it.

You don’t need highly produced videos for TikTok - this app is not about slick and professional content. It doesn’t take long to create and post a video, and the app helps you with filters, sounds, and other effects. You can use trending voiceovers or create your own - whatever is best for your ads.

TikTok also provides users - including businesses - with tips, advice, and analytics to help you make the most of your videos.

TikTok is also budget-friendly! You don’t need polished videos and expensive equipment to make TikToks. Many companies have their happy customers post user-generated content (UGC) about their products. This not only costs a company NOTHING but can reach a much bigger audience when users share the video with their networks. UGC often gets more views, as users don’t immediately recognize these videos as ads, and they might not scroll right by.

Maximum exposure for your brand

Brands can go viral on TikTok like anyone else. When companies take time to follow TikTok trends or create branded hashtag challenges, they can maximize participation, engagement, and exposure. You can also use hashtags and keywords to connect with your brand’s ideal target audience.

TikTok also allows brands to easily collaborate with influencers and creators. Not only can this increase views and engagement, but it also leaves the content creation up to the influencers, taking pressure off your company.

Learn more about TikTok marketing!

TikTok is relatively new, but no one can deny its influence on the market. Brands should never ignore this powerful platform for advertising that reaches Gen Z and many others. Adolescent Content can help you start your TikTok advertising campaign!