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Why is Messaging So Important in Content?

November 02, 2022

Digital content can be considered a cultural conversation, and in today's world, Gen Z is at the forefront of that conversation.

As the only generation that has had internet access since birth, Gen Z interacts differently with the real world, the digital world, and with content and branding. Older generations have been more malleable in what they believe and in the content they consume, but we’re not so easily swayed. In fact, Gen Z questions everything. Content must be created at a very truthful level for us to buy in.

What Do We Want in Our Content?

Gen Z lives online, and most of what we consume is on our devices. We want content that’s

  • Fast paced

  • Creative and visually appealing

  • Socially relevant

  • Entertaining

Because we’re the most diverse generation the world has ever seen, we want content with messaging that appeals to that diversity and those values.

But content is even more to us. We don’t want to be talked to. We want to be a part of a conversation. Our social media channels, the videos we watch, and the people we follow aren’t just information or entertainment. They’re our community. They’re where we feel like we belong. Those who want to reach us need to appreciate the power of that community.

What Do You Stand For?

Traditional marketing tactics don’t work for us. If your brand is trying to reach us, your messaging has to be relevant to who we are.

We’re visual, so the term “show, don’t tell” is even more important for us. Don’t just tell us a story. Show us a story. Give us images. Give us video. Show us why you or your product matters. If you can get us to laugh, inspire us, or touch our emotions, all the better. This is how we build community and connect with others who share our goals and values.

No matter what content you’re creating, Gen Z doesn’t just see brands and influencers. For us, it’s about the connection. The right messaging can create a relationship that draws us in and makes us care.

What Makes Us the Same – And What Makes Us Different

While Gen Z is all about connection, we also value our individuality. We love what makes us different as much as what unites us. That is why messaging to us can never be one-size-fits-all.

Content creators hoping to target Gen Z need to understand and appreciate their niche, their unique voice, and who they’re speaking to. While we want a world that works together for all of us, we know that we can only do that when each one of us, in all our differences, feels valued and connected.

Digital Content is the New Storytelling

Storytelling is as old as humanity. But our modern culture seems to have lost that talent. Gen Z is looking to bring back the power of story.

Content is digital storytelling, and we appreciate those stories like no other generation can. Young artists, designers, writers, videographers, influencers, photographers, and directors understand Gen Z’s need for relevant and creative storytelling. Others who want to connect with us should realize it as well.

Harnessing the Power of Gen Z

At Adolescent Content, we know Gen Z because we are Gen Z. For nearly ten years, our creative consultancy and content studio has created campaigns and content that resonate with and are relevant to the youth of today. Contact us to learn more about what we do.