WOC Directors

May 15, 2020

By Haley Chung

Are you looking for a WOC director? Someone who has a fresh perspective and vision? Who can create ads that young people actually identify with?

More than ever before, the world is demanding a shift to diverse representation, in everything from Hollywood movies to advertising campaigns. Youth want to see ads that reflect them, meaning more representation across race, gender, and sexuality, both in front of and behind the screen.

How can hiring a WOC director help with that? Commercials that target POC or young women but aren’t directed by POC or young women have come under fire for being tone-deaf or not representing them correctly. There are many nuances in the female and POC experiences that an outsider can never capture perfectly. As a result, a perfect way to reach this Generation-Z demographic is to hire someone who understands the demographic directly. Time spent researching what caters well to Generation-Z youth could be done quickly by working directly with an actual Generation-Z creator.

Hiring WOC directors has become increasingly popular, and brands are showing an unprecedented interest in working with them. This can be attributed to the fact that WOC directors are talented creators who are versatile and able to function across a variety of platforms. They have a keen eye for what fellow WOC and youth look for in advertising, and are finely attuned to everyday trends and popular aesthetics. Plus, WOC directors are bold and ambitious, always on the hunt for a fresh perspective that can draw viewers in.

Adolescent understands this, which is why we’re a Generation-Z ad agency that boasts a roster of exceptionally talented youth, including numerous WOC directors. These young professionals have years of expertise with open minds on innovative ways to create. Aicha Cherif, an Adolescent creator, is a filmmaker who has worked with brands like Gucci and Converse. Another Adolescent director, Christina Xing, has directed commercials for major brands like Crayola and Levi’s. Adolescent WOC directors are movers and shakers who change the landscape of youth advertising as we know it.

If your business is looking to connect with a director who inherently understands the market and how to appeal to youth, Adolescent can help you find the perfect WOC director suited for your project. In doing so, your business will be able to reach traditionally under-represented groups in fresh and unimaginable ways.

If your business is looking for WOC directors, contact our Generation Z advertising agency in Los Angeles today so our team can help!

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