Who is Adolescent Content?
We build
with GENZ

Adolescent is a Black and Female Founded GenZ Advertising agency and Content studio with a mission to create pathways for GenZ BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Creators. Adolescent’s research & insights division, Youthtellers develops strategy that helps reach GenZ. Adolescent’s production company produces large and small productions at scale and has an amazing roster of talented directors and photographers as well as a global network of over 4,000 Creators in twenty different countries. We help brands effectively reach GenZ by working with talented GenZ Creators.

No matter how beautiful your Gen Z campaign is or “focus-grouped” your brand message, it’s destined to be LOST IN AN AVALANCHE of Gen Z distractions.
Where is GenZ?
Listening to their peers.
We built Adolescent to help brands successfully connect with Gen Z.
Adolescent helps you break through indifference, drive engagement and make youth care.
Because when youth care, your business changes.
Brands have been hiring OLD PEOPLE to research, strategize and create content to reach GEN Z.
But, can we tell you a not-so secret?
Gen Z can totally tell.
Founded in 2013, Adolescent is the first media company that reaches youth with high quality insights, research, strategy and content made by youth creatives.
We have a global network of thousands of Gen Z creatives in 20 different countries to create 360 campaigns that are authentic, creative, and effective.
Our creatives are 85% female, people of color or part of the LGBTQ+ community.
They are the next wave of storytellers.