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gen z ugc

Gen Z wants user-generated content - this is how your brand can give it to them

July 23, 2024
UGC = un-sponsored content created by people who’ve actually used the products. A.K.A., the kind of content that still maintains the most sought-after attribute online: an assumption of authenticity. 
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Chick fil a

MiriTheSiren: A case study on messing up your bag

July 16, 2024
MiriTheSiren, a content creator and  Chic-fil-a employee gained a cult following on TikTok with her non-sponsored, unbiased reviews ... That is, up until she posted a video informing her audience that, to keep her job, she’d need to stop doing review content. 
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visual gen z marketing

The best Gen Z marketing campaigns have these characteristics…

July 9, 2024
Gaining a Gen Z cult following is no easy task, but it is well rewarded if achieved; our crowd just brings a certain kind of cool to the table. But to bag a Gen Z audience, your brand has to find a way to stand apart in the crowded digital space
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Gen Z Influencers

Gen Z marketing insights to inspire your next ad campaign

July 5, 2024
Our generation’s relationship with the online space is not static. As we get older, so does the internet; for better or worse, we’re growing up together.
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Tik Tok Ban

An explainer on the TikTok Ban

July 2, 2024
The verdict is in: if you want to ban TikTok, the US government will have to pry it from Gen Z’s cold, dead, carpal tunnel-ed hands.  Unfortunately, recent legislation is ready to call that bluff
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Gen Z Social Brands

What does Gen Z want from brands on social media? 

June 28, 2024
Ever come across a branded post on social that made you immediately cringe with secondhand embarrassment? ... Well, that is called an ICK
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Quier on set

Think Tank: A Case Study on Quiet On Set and its Consequences

June 18, 2024
Quiet on Set didn’t surprise Gen Z - but it did reveal an industry-wide institutional malpractice within Hollywood we want to upend.
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Gen Z Diversity

Gen Z is not a monolith: Understanding the importance of audience segmentation in youth marketing

June 26, 2024
We are the most diverse generation on earth - homogenous marketing tactics just don’t work with us. 
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Gen Z Socials

What are the top social media platforms and how to use them to connect with Gen Z.

June 20, 2024
Gen Z is chronically online - and with a little work, you can be too. At least, your brand can. These are the top platforms where we spend the most time and the differentiators between our consumer behaviors across them. 
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Gen Z Professionalism

The New Standard: How Brands Can Understand Professionalism Post-Gen Z

June 13, 2024
Diversity and inclusivity are core values of our generation, and we bring them into the office with us. Natural hair is celebrated and specially styled for the conference room; our self-expression is curated for corporate rather than filtered.
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Gen Z Authenticity

Gen Z and the importance of authenticity

June 11, 2024
Our walls are thick, and our internal ad-blockers are sensitive; it takes a certain kind of brand not to set them off. An honest one. And in Gen Z’s world, that means more than the traditional expectation
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Gen Z Shopping

Generation Z and why they're you're most important customer

June 7, 2024
As the first true digital natives, we are driving seismic shifts in consumer trends, not to mention dropping billions into the global economy through our spending decisions. What does this mean for brands?
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Need to know Gen z

Need to know Gen Z? Here's what they want in a brand

June 4, 2024
Innovation isn't just about flashy new products – it's about reimagining the entire brand experience. From immersive digital experiences to innovative business models, Gen Z wants brands to think outside the box
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TikTok picture

5 Gen Z marketing strategies to implement in 2024

May 23, 2024
No more same-old, same-old - here’s what you need to do to keep Gen Z’s attention in 2024. 
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Jojo Siwa Rebrand

What Jojo Siwa’s Rebrand Can Teach You About Marketing To Gen Z

May 15, 2024
Beloved Dance Moms smart-alec, family-channel TV personality, international hairbow titan-of-industry - Jojo Siwa has had many eras. According to the internet, this newest one is the worst.
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social media for gen z

Do your brand values align with Gen Z?

April 17, 2024
Gen Z is loud about what we care about; we believe that everything from what we wear to what we buy is a statement of who we are ...But where can brands find alignment with what Gen Z cares about? 
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image of diversity and handshaking

5 Things You Need To Know About Gen Z And Brand Loyalty

March 29, 2024
When it comes to brand loyalty, Gen Z plays by new rules - the ones we set. But unlike past generations, Gen Z does brand loyalty differently - and notably, we’re never afraid to switch it up.  
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augmented reality

Tech And Youth: How Can Brands Use VR & AR Effectively To Connect With Young People

March 24, 2024
Gen Z has spoken: Alter reality, but don’t dupe it. The next great frontier for AR & VR? Advertising - specifically to Gen Z.
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