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We are Adolescent

Adolescent is a global Gen Z creative consultancy and content studio.

Adolescent is a female and Black founded Youth Culture Advertising Agency, Content studio and research division. We help brands more effectively reach youth audiences by utilizing our global network of diverse youth creatives and creators.

We have a network of over 4,000 youth creators in different countries.

Adolescent was founded in 2013 to create pathways into advertising and entertainment for Gen Z BIPOC and LGBTQ+ directors, photographers and Creatives. We have a vibrant community of thousands of diverse Creators globally to work on a single social asset or a full 360 degree campaign. We have a research division of network of thousands of youth respondents called YouthTellers


Our ethos is — pay youth creators, effectively reach youth and your brand will succeed.

We all need to see OUR stories to be entertained, validated, inspired, whole. It’s crucial that storytellers represent as many age groups, races, religions, gender identities, sexu-al orientations, and cultures as possible. We have a right to this and an obligation. Without diverse voices, the human narrative is incomplete. This is our core work at Ad-olescent and we are passionate about working towards the betterment of young, diverse Creators who would never otherwise have the opportunities we supply.

Many people laugh or are shocked when we tell them that our core agency strategic and creative team is made up of teenagers and recent college graduates. Or that our 13 and 17 year old directing team directed the big Target campaign, or a 19 year old Black director from a poor family in New Orleans directed the social campaign for Tinder, or that the OOH billboards for Tinder were designed by a 20 year old Asian designer on a full scholarship at Columbia. Yet, history has produced many child prodigies over the centuries. Agnesi spoke seven languages at the age of 1 Mozart performed private concerts for royalty before his 10th birthday. Curie had an elite understanding of physics and chemistry by her 18th birthday. Rimbaud published the first of many works of po-etry that would alter the course of modern literature at the age of 16.

And now we are at a historic time. Young people intersecting with technology has cre-ated the birth of a new generation of prodigious directors, photographers and writers that have the means to create their work and make high quality content that they can share with their peers and that their peers want to see.


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