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5 Gen Z marketing strategies to implement in 2024

May 23, 2024·3 min read
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Time to hit refresh on your Gen Z marketing tactics. It’s a new year, and already we’re seeing strong trends for big change to reach this generation that wields an estimated $360 billion in spending power. And it’s about time, too; more than half (63%) have already said that breaking the mold is more important to them than stability. So no more same-old, same-old - here’s what you need to do to keep Gen Z’s attention in 2024. 

Personalize or perish

Sometimes, outdated marketing can really make a girl wonder - do they actually get me? Gen Z thinks not so much; 8 percent of us feel brands are still trying to grasp what we’re all about. That’s where personalized messaging comes in. 

By leveraging data insights, brands can authentically deliver personalized content that resonates with Gen Z audiences. We aren’t a monolith and want to see brands approach us accordingly. Whether through targeted advertising, customized recommendations, or personalized messaging, brands that can create tailored experiences are doing it right. 

Loosen the top button on your brand

Formality? Not our vibe. Gen Z thrives on casual, genuine conversation - even in promotions. So, throw out scripted interactions. Our generation values authenticity and genuine connections over polished corporate messages. Loosening that grip on your formal facade can help brands foster meaningful relationships with Gen Z consumers.

Optimize for social

Forget Google; Gen Z's searching on TikTok. 

Our generation is increasingly utilizing social media as a one-stop shop for shopping, searching, and scrolling. Even Google knows it - nearly 40% of Gen Z would rather hit up TikTok and Instagram before hopping on a search engine. 

But what does this mean for brands? You should build content catered to Gen Z’s search engine of choice. Utilize features like TikTok's Keyword Insights tool and Instagram's search function to optimize content for social discovery. 

Don't be a wallflower

Sometimes, brands forget the ‘social’ part of social media. This is TikTok - not an audio-disabled Zoom meeting. Gen Z craves interaction with brands on social media platforms; we're not just scrolling, we're looking to engage. Incorporating polls, quizzes, image sliders, and interactive infographics into your brand’s content strategy adds that extra ‘oomph’ that makes us want to stay. And in the attention economy, it pays to prioritize real-time interaction through live streams and Q&A sessions.

Be everything, everywhere, all at once

Kidding - but really, omnichannel presence is essential. We don't do silos; we want a seamless experience across all platforms. So, if you're not integrating your online and offline efforts, you're missing the mark. Connect social media campaigns to in-store experiences, utilize QR codes for mobile engagement, and personalize promotions based on online behavior.