Ad Forum: Adolescent Creates Real Opportunities for Younger Women to Enter the Industry

March 21, 2024

Ramaa Mosley and Hope Farley, co-founders of Adolescent Content, are leading figures in the advertising industry, striving to empower younger women and address ageism within the field. Mosley emphasizes the importance of mentorship and creating opportunities for aspiring female creatives to build portfolios and enter the industry. Through Adolescent Content, they provide a platform for diverse young voices to contribute to advertising campaigns for global brands, fostering inclusivity and parity.

Addressing ageism, Farley highlights the need for companies to support women at all stages of their careers by promoting age diversity, offering training and leadership development, and challenging stereotypes. Both leaders emphasize the impact of Gen Z, particularly young women, in reshaping the advertising landscape with their digital fluency, creativity, and commitment to diversity and authenticity. Their perspectives as women in marketing inform their work, driving them to challenge stereotypes, champion equality, and create meaningful content that resonates with audiences.

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