AdAge: Adolescent Breaks Down What Gen Z Wants to See from Super Bowl Advertisers

January 31, 2024

“The post-game commentary is what I’m most interested about, like those post-game memes and I think if brands wanna get in on the action, they just need to make sure that it is authentic to their brand, it’s native for them.” - Serenity Griffin, Community Manager

Adolescent Content Community Manager Serenity Griffin was featured in an article by Ad Age about what Gen Z want from Super Bowl Advertisers. Griffin is quotes several times in the article, offering the distinct perspectives of the Adolescent Content community, a Black- and Female-founded Gen Z advertising agency. She "noted that while brands might be drawn to big creators or celebrities, micro-influencers have more engaged communities, and should have them as a part of their social media strategy in the lead-up to the game. " (Ad Age).

The full article is available at Ad Age.