Pinterest - International Women's Day


Empowering art and affirmations for International Women's Day

According to some social media of the day, we are in the age of Ozempic. But for International Women's Day 2024, Pinterest and Adolescent Content teamed up on an original content campaign reminding us of body-positive belief systems, embraced by Gen Z and young millennials, to love yourself, at any shape or size.

The campaign, "Empowering art and affirmations," featuring original artwork on a series of pins and a Pinterest International Women's Day landing page, sprang from the concept of what would have happened if previous generations were also provided with a positive discourse around their bodies. What if they had been met with compassion, inclusion and representation online?

Motion Graphic ArtistKyla Marie Cruz
IllustratorJamilah Muhammad
PhotographerRochelle Brock
Multimedia ArtistMaria Mejia
Multimedia ArtistPOETIK
IllustratorAudrey Estok