TenderFix by Noah Schnapp

DirectorClaire Jantzen
Executive ProducerHope Farley
ProducerLauren Lukacsko
ProductionAdolescent Content

When Noah Schnapp launched his 24/7 at home chicken brand TenderFix, they immediately called Adolescent to help bring the brand to life and create brand love.

Our Approach

Starting one our our signature Gen Z think tanks, we developed a series of guerilla social media tactics to get young people engaged with the brand, inviting them to create “Tender Confessions” (below) which appeared alongside reworks of classical artwork featuring chicken sandwiches, and a hero film starting Noah Schnapp (above).

The Result

The brand quickly took off, with Schnapp fans and chicken sandwich lovers coalescing around the humorous Tender confessions challenge, garnering tens of thousand of views, and creating a viral phenomenon. Orders poured in from around the country as these views converted into orders via food delivery app partners.