ZeroProof New Mexico


Adolescent served as the social & Gen Z expert for a public service campaign about the perils of underage drinking. Adolescent was tasked with developing creative concepts and a digital PSA campaign to meet youth where they are, and effectively reach them through their peers.

Our Approach

We built a bespoke think tank utilizing our network of next-gen respondents to understand youth attitudes on the issue and tease out concepts that would bring this issue to the forefront in an arresting and compelling way on Instagram and TikTok.

We then worked with a cohort of Gen Z youth who were close to this issue to develop a series of creative territories to speak authentically to their peers about this sensitive issue.

The Impact

Our Adolescent Storytellers, a group of thousands of makers who can be tapped to make content that resonates with their audience while also representing a specific demographic, then crafted episodes of an original series for TikTok and Instagram that invites teenagers to “get ready with me” while they shared a personal anecdote about the perils of underage drinking.

The content became the initiative's best performing video series to date. The videos' impact went beyond the State of New Mexico, being viewed and shared by thousand of young people across the country, sharing impactful and effective messages about the dangers of underage drinking.