We know you really want to get to know Gen Z. But our research demonstrates that cringeworthy pick-me behavior won't help you connect with today's youth. To gain a deeper understanding of what Gen Z loves and what makes them roll their eyes, Adolescent Content phoned almost 400 Gen Z YouthTellers who shared their honest thoughts on brands and influencers. Curious to hear what Gen Z has to say about you and how you can realign your values?
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Do not disturb: An investigation into brands, influencers, and why Gen Z keeps leaving you on read.


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what brand
did you break
up with?

What to expect

10,000 Words of Research-Driven Insights about Gen Z.

Key Moments:

Recognizing Wrongs

A look at how brand transparency and accountability can strengthen your connection with Gen Zers.

Realigning Values

An analysis of Gen Z's principles and how brands can reorient their values to identify with Gen Z's.

Reimagining Yourself

An exploration of how brands can pursue reinvention authentically.

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Crafted by Gen Z Experts

We’re Adolescent Content, a Gen Z advertising agency and content studio on a mission to help brands connect with today’s youth and create pathways for underrepresented and emerging young storytellers. At the center of our work is the desire to reflect the authentic values and diversity of Gen Z.

Over the course of 2021, our internal research and strategy team members worked to wrap their heads around the state of Gen Z in a post-lockdown era and answer the questions many brands are asking. In this report, our Gen Z creative strategists, offer key insights to crack the code to the marketing world’s most mystifying audience

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